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Rich’Art Studio provides professionals and people with mind blowing visuals.

We make the difference with eye catching work including storyboards, illustrations, paintings, artwork and more.


About us: Rich’Art Studio was founded in 2017 by Richard Méril and Jean-Daniel Maximin.

Richard is a high profile storyboard artist and illustrator able to mix digital and traditional art.

He graduated in 2011 with a Master from Emile Cohl Art school in France as a Conceptor & Designer, specialized in 2D.

He has worked with leading animation companies such as Cartoon Network, Xilam Animation, Fred & Farid, Studio Hari, Marathon Media, JSBC.

Creating shows that have been featured on Cartoon Network,  Disney XD, Nickelodeon, Gulli, France Télévision, and Madiana movie theater in Martinique.

In 2011, Richard created his first short film,  En bel so, that has been viewed more than 40 000 times on Internet and was awarded 4 prizes:

  • People’s choice and Best scenario- Short film festival- 2012
  • Laureate- Ganuta contest- 2011
  • Laureate- Jenes artistik Matnik- 2011.

His work is praised by companies, studios, public administrations and people he has collaborated with on lots of projects. This includes advertising campaigns, music videos, book covers, paintings and more.

Richard and J-D have known each other for more than 20 years. They met in primary school in the Caribbean island of Martinique. For the record, J-D was one of the voices in En bel so. He worked with Richard on numerous projects.

J-D graduated in 2011 from top French and USA Business schools with a Master in Management and a Master of Science International Business. He is recognized for his strong business development and communication skills, and has a passion for art.

So, as longtime friends and collaborators they decided to create Rich’Art Studio in order to provide professionals and people with mind blowing, unique, visual work.

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